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 2010 LLSF Scholar Sana Hashmani lunching at Travisio restaurant in the Texas Medical Center

(L-R) Pat Gehm, Cathrine Duchesse de Gramont, His Royal Highness Prince Jean of France, Sr VP of Texas Medical Center, John Kajander and Sana Hashmani.


Rice Engineering student meets royalty at Richard Smalley Institute for Nano Technology

Gathered around the famous "Bucky Ball" which is the icon for Nano Technology are (L-R) Cathrine Duchess de Gramont, Dr. Albert Pimpinelli French Science Officer, His Excellency Pierre Grandjouan Consul General of France, John Marsh of Rice, Patrick Gehm, His Royal Highness Prince Jean of France, Antoine Duc de Gramont, LLSF Scholar Laura Campos

Posey Parker, LLSF Executive Director, with Chad Deaton, Chairman and CEO of Baker Hughes Inc., Scholar Arthur Hernandez and Scholar Jose Martinez at an API Luncheon.


2010 LLSF Scholar Shadoe Farmer receives the prestigous honor of valedictorian from Stephen F. Austin high school.  Congratulations, Shadoe, from the Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund.


2010 Scholar Andre' Shaw received first place for Best Actor at the UIL Competition in addition to many other awards.  

Congratulations Andre'!


2010 LLSF Scholar Tommy Ly was invited to the roll out of futuristic electric cars called EvGo at the George R. Brown. Tommy is pictured here with a Telsa car priced at $200,000.






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