College Scholarships

The Linda Lorelle Scholarship is dedicated to providing college scholarships to a population of students often overlooked by other scholarship funds. Many of our students have average grades, yet they have a burning desire to go to college and are capable of succeeding, if given the support and encouragement they so desperately need.   Unlike other scholarship funds, we don't just award them scholarships and say "good luck".  We give them the tools they need to not only change the trajectory of their lives, but their families, as well.  The saying goes, "it takes a village to raise a child."  We are the village.   

 99% of Linda Lorelle Students enroll into college immediately following their high school graduation. 
The Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund has awarded more than $4 million to deserving students and carries no debt.
College Prep/Life Skills/Career 

The Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund founders realized early on that students need more than money to truly change the trajectory of their lives; they need college preparatory and life skills training, and career guidance. For 28+  years, the Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund has used a two-pronged approach to address this need with the SMART Seminar Series and the annual SmartUp Houston College & Career  Conference.


Lorelle Scholars have attained a Bachelor's degree

Advising and Support

To ensure the academic success of our scholars while in college, the Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund's staff and board provide ongoing advising and support.  We monitor academic progress and provide support as needed, ranging from the occasional phone call and cards of encouragement to assisting with a financial or personal challenge.

 85% of Lorelle Scholars have graduated from college.


Lorelle Scholars have attained a

Master's degree

 To date, the Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund has awarded scholarships to 360 students. 


Lorelle Scholars are now practicing attorneys or physicians


2015 & 2016 City of Houston Champions of Diversity Award
2009 Anti-Defamation League 
Community of Respect Award
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The Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund is rooted in the belief that all students should have the opportunity to access higher education, regardless of the hand they were dealt when they entered this world.  That fundamental belief drives our dedication to providing college scholarships , support and guidance to Houston area high school students in need of financial assistance, whose potential may be unfulfilled due to circumstances beyond their control. 

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